Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Challenge: Countdown to Christmas - U


The word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow.
(Information in this paragraph is taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
An umbrella or parasol (also called a brolly, rainshade, sunshade, gamp or bumbershoot) is a canopy  designed to protect against rain or sunlight.  The term parasol usually refers to an item designed to protect from the sun; umbrella refers to a device more suited to protect from rain.

My first thought is of  Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins.
She seems to be using the Umbrella to its best advantage!

How about this use of the Umbrella/parasol?

Now the other "famous Umbrella" that comes to mind is that used by
Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain!

(Not quite sure he's got the idea of the Umbrella . . .)  lol

Two Umbrellas (August 24, 2008)
 - doing Parasol Work in what used to be a Shady Spot in the front yard!

And, I'm thinking THIS FELLOW is confused!!
(photo taken January 13, 2010)
I'm going to keep an eye out for THAT fellow! 
Perhaps he'll return this year, and I'll give him a Parasol instead!  ;-)

Counting Down to Christmas!!  Hope you're looking forward to a Wonderful celebration!  :-)

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