Saturday, December 10, 2011

Challenge: Countdown to Christmas - K


This is 'Devotion' Begonia (of the Million Kisses Series)!
This plant was awarded the Award of Garden Merit last year.
The photo above was taken from the
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On Sweet baby faces.

Soothing bumps and boo-boos.

From loving Moms and Dads -

and Grandparents.

In happy, joyful times.

Creating memories,

Boosting confidence, and

Celebrating milestone events.

Special Moments with a Special One,

Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries.

And Christmas . . .

Under the Mistletoe.

Other Kisses?

Did you know the first Hershey's kiss was created in 1907?

(The following information, about the Hershey Company, was taken from their official site at )

Incredible and inspiring, the story of Hershey's begins with the tale of one determined pioneer: Milton S. Hershey. Raised in rural central Pennsylvania, Milton Hershey would not only become known for the delicious milk chocolate bar that bears his name, but for his philanthropy and open-hearted generosity which still touches the lives of thousands.

For the farm boy who never had much of a chance at education, providing that opportunity for others was always an important priority. As early as 1909, Hershey and his wife Catherine established the Hershey Industrial School, a school for orphan boys we know today as the Milton Hershey School. In 1918 and with no fanfare, Hershey transferred the bulk of his considerable wealth, including ownership in the Hershey Chocolate Company, to the Hershey Industrial School.

Pass it on!  :-)

And Countdown to Christmas with me!


Rosemary said...

Try to be kind every day

Shady Gardener said...

I'm SURE you are! :-)