Thursday, August 30, 2007

Better Than Scratching Chigger Bites...

... was the opportunity to head downtown wearing my "jammies!" Several downtown merchants sponsored "Ladies' Night Out" Tuesday evening from 6-9:00 P.M.

(They even offered discounted merchandise, too.)

Now, I am not likely to allow such an event to pass unnoticed. And, you can probably tell by the looks of it, I have a couple of equally ostentatious friends! I did take the liberty of editing the photos to "protect the innocent."

Here's the question: Would you allow these people in YOUR store?

Ah, yessss. An opportunity to kick up our heels!
(Nice legs!)

Did I mention a discount???
Last, but not least...
... is a vote for the winning "jammies!"
You COULD vote for me! (I'm the one with the
crazy robe and white long pants covered with cherries!)

Too bad this doesn't have anything to do with gardening... but
you might considered it rather "shady!" ;-)

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