Friday, August 3, 2007

Let's Get to the Root of a Mysterious 'Toot'!

On Thursday morning, a friend opened her front door and found...

... three cases for musical instruments on her front step. Reportedly, the first case she opened contained a rusted trumpet. Unplayable. The second case she opened was empty. The case was mouldy and not worth keeping.

We arrived at her house before she was able to open the third case, so she dropped the first two in a dumpster. I'm afraid I wasn't up to diving inside to investigate for myself - so here's a photo. When we returned from our expedition, we noticed that the third case was still on her front step.I followed her, acting upon the premise that I was offering moral support should we discover something distasteful, ungainly, Precious, or Dangerous (!) inside. Quite honestly, I was just plain curious.
As you can see, it was nothing unusual. A trombone with a slight bit of rust, but one that could be cleaned. Hopefully it's playable. It will be passed to the local high school band director in hopes that it will turn out to be usable.

As far as we could discern, these items had to have been left during the nighttime, under the guise of darkness. There's no shade here! ;-)


Dellits said...

What the heck?? Any idea what is going on here? Is she a music teacher or something? Why would someone leave them to her?

Shady Gardener said...

I must confess. She's a music teacher. But she hasn't taught in this town for about 3-4 years, now.