Thursday, August 23, 2007

Checking Out the Flora and Fauna

I took a walk in the yard a couple of days ago. Since the fun adventures of the past week and a half were over, I needed to see what was happening "out and about."

Here's an anemone that seems to be losing control.

"Turtle Head" (Chelone Obliqua)... using your imagination, would you say it reminds you a bit of a snapping turtle's head? (As opposed to a snap dragon.)

Good old "Rudbeckia" Black-eyed Susan

A study in green...

And, one of my late summer favorites... all varieties of stonecrop sedum.
I'll add the name of the variety tomorrow.
This is the sunniest spot in the yard of shade. ;-)

Below: Isn't this a handsome fellow?
I found him on my neighbor's windowscreen.
He's a Twin-spotted Sphynx (Smerinthus jamaicensis).

And, this beauty is a Sweetheart Underwing,
Catocala amatrix.
Check out this site for information!
Meanwhile, I'm indoors tonight. More rain.


Anonymous said...

What a great neighbor you are, Kathy. If anybody in the area ever floods, this lady knows her stuff (and has the towels). Thank you so, so much....chris

Shady Gardener said...

You are worthy of the help! :-) You are a super neighbor, yourself!