Sunday, August 19, 2007

Present-day Miracles

Observation of a nearly complete life cycle, beginning with a Monarch caterpillar that traveled from a milkweed leaf in my yard, to my grandson's yard, and back to my yard! "Around the World" (From a mature caterpillar to butterfly) in 10 days.

Our Monarch caterpillar... eating, eating, eating... just prior to being housed in a mason jar with part of a pantyhose leg under a jar ring on Thursday, August 10.
The chrysalis that was formed in the jar on Friday, August 11.
The empty chrysalis we found in the jar this morning... Sunday, August 19.

The Monarch butterfly in the jar!A transfer to Daddy's hands.
... and letting go.

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Leedra said...

So, so, so neat. Great for the children to see.