Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ahh, Anglewings!

There are both Question Marks and Commas. However, the new butterfly book I recently purchased has them all indexed under the name "Commas." The wings on the butterfly below are spread apart a bit, their translucence allowing the interior color and markings to show. Wow! (It's hard not to be exuberant!)(Click on any of these photos to enlarge them for detail.)
There were four of them in the yard when I drove home Sept. 29. On Sept. 30, I noticed them again, hanging around the dry hummingbird feeders. Presumably looking for food. So, I ran to get the camera!

They looked newly hatched... absolutely perfect. Again, my book tells me that there are two broods that fly between Spring and Fall, and that the second-brood adults hibernate, fly again in the spring, and mate. (I wonder where they all hibernate during the winter???)

The photo below shows one in the closed position. There's a silvery backwards "c" with a dot underneath... hence "Question Mark." The comma has only the silvery "c." (Depending upon the way the butterfly is facing, the "c" will either be forward or backwards!) It generally rests with the wings upright. They open and close with "breathing movements."
I timed this photo pretty well... note the beautiful lavenderish outline on the interior wings.
If you'll look closely, you'll note that these are two different butterflies. (They're sitting on two different feeders.)

Another one of those breathtakingly beautiful moments...
and we can be reminded of the grandness in what we most often take for granted.


Bob said...

What a beautiful butterfly. I've not seen these in my area, you are lucky to have them in your yard. They look like they are all dressed for fall with those colours and almost Autumn leaf sharped wings.
And totally agree with your final sentiment. Thanks for the wonderful post.

Shady Gardener said...

They are beautiful, aren't they. And, yes, they resemble fall leaves... think that's purposeful. Glad you enjoyed it.

Dellits said...

is the question mark the C on his back wing? Enlarging by clicking on them make them even that more amazing!

Shady Gardener said...

The Question Mark has the "c" plus the "dot" on the wing. The overall appearance of the Comma is much the same as the Question Mark, but there is only the "c" on its wing. :-)