Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just a Little Peek at Fall Front-Yard Maintenance

This is a fun tool!

When I just feel like walking around,
I push this little brush roller,

the leaves fly into the "hopper,"
and I dump them onto the tarp.

I do actually enjoy raking, though.

(This tarp is probably a good 20 feet long.)
I'll measure tomorrow.

Can you tell where I've picked up leaves?
(The tree in the photo above is a shagbark hickory.)
Doesn't the yard look nice in the photo below?
(It will last about one or two days! ha.)
These are photos of my other favorite fun "tool."It works with two folded plastic trimmer "strings."
(Earplugs are a necessity!)

Our yard doesn't have enough grass to mow to warrant one of those fancy riding mowers with the bags on the back... like most of my neighbors have. But, that's okay. I can still shred my leaves! I get to determine the size of the shredded material, and the bulk is greatly reduced... to that of about 1/4 - 1/3 of the original.

You can set the shredder on a tarp, or attach a leaf bag to the bottom.

If I haul leaves to the ravine, I can get Many more on the tarp if they're shredded. Our trees are primarily Oak, so if I want to use leaves as mulch, I shred them so they'll degrade much faster.

And, some of them go into my good old compost pile! :-) Nothing "shady" about that!


Bob said...

Looks like it sure beats raking. Glad to see it get to the compost pile. All the best, BOB

Dellits said...

wow, that sure is better than raking!

Shady Gardener said...

I actually enjoy raking, if I have time. But this is a fun little fellow! The bag doesn't hold many leaves, so it's best to use it as the leaves are falling... keeping up on the job. :-)

My shredder is really noisy, and it sends leaf dust flying, but I really appreciate it, too.