Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting Ready for a Winter's Nap

Monday, October 29, 2007
Now, that's a welcome sight for every gardener I know! Dirt. Pay dirt, you ask? No... I paid for it. :-)

I couldn't get a picture of it all, because I was standing on the back bumper of the pickup. Of course I didn't take a photo until I'd already removed two wheelbarrow loads... but, you get the general idea. (The pickup bed was probably 1/2 full.)

I had exactly 3 hours to remove the dirt and spread it around. Not only did I do it, I even prepared three beds (removed the fallen leaves, shredded them with others from the lawn, and replaced a thin layer on the bed) before adding the dirt. (Whew!) I was running out of time, so I sprinkled the dirt on the fallen leaves in the other beds. I'll rake those beds later.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
I raked and shredded more leaves today. I have a "carry bag" full of them, just waiting to be distributed. I didn't get photos taken. Just too many other things going on these days. Am a bit anxious about being able to get to everything I want done this Fall.
The above photo shows a hosta (I didn't identify it) dressed for Fall. Next to it you might notice one interesting leaf. Peer into the photo, as there are two others coming on the far left, and one near the top left. They are Arum Italicum. A very nice gardening blogger recently posted photos of his (!) just as I was about to ask "What is this?" (I'd been too lazy to look at catalogs or past orders.) I thought they might be fun to grow, and I seemed to remember that they get orange berries in the Fall. (I was right!) Click on the plant name for details.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Ta-dah! Look at that gorgeous mulch!
(Yikes! Notice that full truck bed!)
Oh, well... it's another beautiful day.
I took the liberty of spending most of the morning walking trails around town with a good walking buddy! We spent a generous three hours walking and talking! :-)

So... during the course of the afternoon, I was able first (!) plant a new shrub/mid-sized tree that I am so excited about having purchased. It's a Pagoda Dogwood, and you can find information by clicking on its name. My friend with whom I walk weekly has one and its fall leaves are beautiful!

This photo makes it look pretty impressive... at this moment, it's only about 3 feet tall.

With only one mid-afternoon break, I was able to mulch the bed you're getting a glimpse of, as well as two other beds in the backyard. I also mulched three front yard beds and all the raised beds. Plans for tomorrow (weather permitting) include raking the two largest backyard beds, shredding leaves and distributing a shallow layer (maybe) and placing mulch on these beds.
Whew! Wouldn't that be a great day's work?

I'll post my progress tomorrow night... meanwhile, not only is it shady out there, it's Dark and about bedtime!


IBOY said...

Oh boy, my back's just about too sore to look at the pictures of your pickup full of mulch! Fall is just crazy.


Shady Gardener said...

I'm viewing the weather we've been enjoying as a blessing... at least we can be out working! :-) And, after tomorrow I'll be finished with all the beds. (I'm hoping the addition of mulch this Fall will alleviate a bit of work next Spring.)

Just think of the aerobic exercise (?) we've been getting. And YOU have been doing an exceptional work of art! Please continue the postings of your progress.

Perhaps I can get "caught up" on picking up the leaves tomorrow, too! NO other agendas tomorrow! Yea!

kate said...

You've accomplished much in a short span of time. Your garden will show its thanks in the spring. The Arum looks so cute peeking out. I love the shape and colour of the leaves.

Shady Gardener said...

Kate, Thanks for visiting. I'm going to take your word that everything will work out well in the Spring (that's the plan, anyway!). :-)

The Arum are very distinctive, aren't they? I've found them in several places in the shady backyard gardens. I can hardly wait to see if they do more than leaf out.