Friday, October 5, 2007

Frances To The Rescue!

"Avast You Dastardly Fellow!" (Is that Pirate talk?) What about, "Check Out My Sword, Hither! How Dare Thee Perform Such Brutal and Heartless Deeds? It is I, Frances! Avenger of Dastardly Deeds to the Rescue!" (Is that better??)

I couldn't help it Frances. You conjured an image - and I just had to respond! Good Going! I'd call on you for help Any Time! :-)

Had to include a close-up. Not only was the brute wreaking havoc, but he was Enjoying It!
Double Kudos, Frances! :-)

Thanks for the entertaining tale. I can well imagine the adrenaline it took and appreciate the time necessary to be able to create your post. :-)


Frances said...

Wow Shady, you are quick with the pencil!! I am overwhelmed at your rendition, it is quite close to the way it was too. Kudos to you! And thanks for making me appear taller than I actually am. Looks like I am wearing my new mosquito jacket. HA Love the helmet. You are a gifted artist. I am going to link to this post, if that is okay. :-)

Frances said...

I just noticed clueless Kitty!!! Brilliant.

Gail said...

Shady, This is wonderful! Love it! You are a talented gal! gail

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...


Anonymous said...

I pictured this also and you've done a grand job illustrating the idea. What a hoot!

Dragonfly Lady said...

Wonderful artistry and commentry between your two blog, I thoroughly enjoyed them both!

Shady Gardener said...

Frances, It was my absolute pleasure! YOU were the inspiration, however!! What fun. :-) And yes, your kitty was absolutely clueless! ha. I'm flabbergasted that you linked to it on your site, though!

Hi Gail, I couldn't stop myself! lol.

Thanks, Karen. ;-)

Double Hoot Flowergardengirl! ::-))

Dragonfly Lady, I didn't know Frances was going to make a link. I actually infringed on her story... but I couldn't help it!

Lola said...

Loved the art. Had to chuckle at the clueless kitty. Love that outfit that Frances has on.

Autumn Belle said...

You are good with sketches. I like your illustration. Well done.