Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can You Test Sanity With a Thermometer?

I was going to suggest taking my temperature, but I'm not sure it would be a proper test of my current state of sanity.

FYI: Today is Wednesday, November 28. It was 40 degrees (Real Feel about 30 degrees) with a good breeze.

I bought 16 large concrete block "caps" today and hauled them to the south side of our house. For two hours I reworked one little "grass bed" back there. This small bed is supposed to help prevent soil erosion and grow grass. It is doing a pretty fair job with both, actually.
The new caps are beneath the blocks. Another view... it does have a small problem with grass on the east side...The second bed, east of the first, is not so fortunate. It's holding its own with regard to erosion, but it doesn't receive enough sunlight to grow grass. I was hopeful when I created it.
Notice the nice pile of clay soil?
Reworking the first bed means that I lifted the colored blocks the bed was edged with, dug a little deeper, laid a row of the "caps," and topped them with the colored concrete blocks. (I like their looks better.) Due to a 2:00 P.M. appointment, I ran out of time to do the same work on the second bed. So, I just laid the "caps" on top of those blocks and will wait until Spring to reverse them.
These are some of the trees (foreground) that shade the SE part of the house and yard.
Before coming home, at 4:00, I located a place that still had bagged dirt for sale, so I purchased three bags of peat. I sprinkled 1/2 of one bag on the reworked bed and mixed the other 2 1/2 bags with the good old clay soil that we have in the remaining easterly bed.

Now all I have to do is to quickly plant 45 muscari (grape hyacinths). I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow. It is now dark. Not due to shade... ;-)

Then I can anticipate Spring! (and revamping the remaining little "grass bed.") Anyone want to help?

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