Monday, November 12, 2007


Pulmonaria are not large plants. Mine stand from 4 - 10" tall.

I really like these little fellows. There are many varieties. I have only five, but I plan to obtain a few more. This website offers a few for sale (I've never ordered from this supplier), and they include pretty thorough information about the plant and its needs.
Pulmonaria are very early Spring bloomers. They may bloom for a couple of months. Most of the flowers are pinks and blues (varied shades and hues). The leaves are hairy. I met my first pulmonaria in the garden of one of my sisters. The leaves of her plant had become quite dry and stickery! Ouch! But, as long as they're happy and receive enough moisture, they won't "bite."A good winter project would be to create a set of index cards listing the different varieties of each species of plant I have and would like more of. Then I'd be ready for more "serious shopping" this coming Spring!Haven't we had a wonderfully long "Summer?" The temperatures forecast for this coming week are a continuation of nice warm weather. I almost stopped at a garden center on the way home from Omaha today! But, I steeled myself and remained pointed towards home.

Pretty cute, though, aren't they? Just one of the reasons to better appreciate the shady garden.


Bob said...

Pulmonarias are one of my favourite perennials. And way under used. How can you lose --- Early Spring flowers, fun variegated foliage, Slugs generally don't eat them, Grow in shade or dappled light,and hardy. What's not to love.
Thanks for sharing one of my favourites, Bob

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Very cute, I also like your garden stakes, you know I have been gardening for over 35 years and each year I think I should do the stakes but never do, ahhhh maybe next year :).

Shady Gardener said...

Bob, Thanks for stopping by! You'll have to share photos of your plants, too! :-)

Iowa, I've been in this home for only 5 growing seasons. I knew I'd be doing a LOT of planting. I've also gardened for a long time, but wasn't as organized about knowing the names of my plants. So, I've been trying to label them as I plant them. It doesn't always work, and labels aren't foolproof. (They sometimes get raked out and lost, or break, or ...)

I think I may attempt to plot maps of the flowerbeds this Winter. Come Spring, I'll be able to plot and identify plants by location. We'll see. ;-)

Ewa said...

pulmonaria is absolutely great perenial and unfortunately not very popular here. they deserve more love and respect. if they are happy they bloom opulently and long. most amazin g about them is that it holds 2 different colours of flowers at the same time. great choice!