Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nice Indoors Surprises

My two Thanksgiving Cacti (thanking Mr. Brownthumb for the i.d.) are both blooming! Already! They are seemingly very healthy. They endured some accidental pruning this summer. I surmise by a striped gopher or a squirrel looking for a hiding place... for a piece of chocolate saved to enjoy later with a good book and a cup of chai, perhaps? Anyway, I wonder if that pruning might have turned into kindly deed.
The plant with the pink blossoms is Loaded with buds. The other has only one flower and a couple of buds. (Both plants, however, bloomed twice last winter!)

I'm wintering my hibiscus in the guest bedroom. It sits in front of a window with a southern exposure. The other window faces westerly. Lots of nice light. It looks as though I could clean the pot a bit.Yes, there's a trellis on the wall. There's another one on the other side of the window, too. They're acting as headboards for twin beds. (The sheet of posterboard protects my grandchildren and other young guests from rubbing against the bumpy walls at night.)

And, I know. The above close-up photo is blurry. I'm sorry. I could take another, but I think we'll just have to deal with it.

I'm loving the sunshine. Winter is not my favorite season, overall. I LOVE watching gently falling snow. And standing in it. I do have fun making snowmen, etc., but most of the time I desire the return of the progression of the other three seasons. So, that being said, having additional sunshine due to most of our trees having shed their leaves is a very GOOD thing!


Connie said...

I have never seen pink flowers on that type of Cacti....they are ever so much prettier than the red, in my humble opinion. ;-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have stopped by after reading on Mr. Mcgregor's Daughter that she tagged you for a Meme.

I read in your profile that you have lots of shade to deal with in your garden. So do I and I will be looking forward to seeing what you post about your shady areas.

Dellits said...

They look great! I really need to get one...and my mouth is watering for the cup of chai!

Christa said...

Beautiful cacti. I've never seen one in such a light pink color like that.

Your hibiscus looks like it's happily basking in the sun, like you!

Shady Gardener said...

Connie, I really like the light pink ones, too! Thanks for visiting.

Lisa, Thanks for the info about the Meme. I've just finished my part. Visit anytime. I'll head over to check your site, too!

Dellits, Check out Wal-Mart for the Chai. I found it today, and it's cheaper than HyVee! :-)

Christa, Basking is right! ha. I like the name of your blog.

blueblue said...

I didn't know that cacti could have such beautiful flowers.

Shady Gardener said...

Ah, these aren't true cacti. Check out Mr. Brown Thumb's site for information about Christmas vs Thanksgiving Cacti. :-) But they are very pretty, aren't they? (Not hardy outdoors in colder climates.)