Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm Plantsitting

Somehow I've not felt "finished" with gardening this year. The count stood at 11 indoor plants, after having brought everything indoors a few months ago (has it only been barely 3 months?). But before our friends Marty and Denny left for Arizona, they brought three plants for me to "sit" during their absence. (!) Yea! :-)

And here they are. Easy to care for, too (also a "yea" moment!).

Their Christmas cactus continues to have many buds. And the Norfolk Island Pine is such a healthy fellow. (There are a few brown tips... I'm thinking it didn't enjoy its ride to my house, as it was a VERY cold day, in the midst of several very cold days.)

The little bird below sits on the rim of the Pine above. The Pothos is in the cutest house ever!

I needed to share these photos. Hopefully M & D can tell they're still healthy! Perhaps you caught a glimpse of my year-round bird-tree on the right side of this last photo. I'll share about that in a later post.

You might want to come back tomorrow to see what else I've brought home this past 1 1/2 weeks! (Only slightly shady!) ;-)

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