Thursday, January 3, 2008

Welcoming 2008!

... a year of possibilities and promise (and a lot of fun in the meantime!)!

Looking through the windshield at a 4-lane divided highway... on the way home early afternoon, Monday, January 31, 2007. A little bleak. A little slow-going.

I was struck by the fact that we can't always know what lies ahead... sometimes the "going" is easier than at other times, but there's always a way through it.

Sometimes it takes a little help from friends who can provide a way through. Sometimes you don't even have to go through it at all. Sometimes there's a way OVER it! :-)

photo on left: backsides of both.
photo on right: backside of one and frontside of one.

In this case, "Santa" brought a pair of snowshoes to the hubby of the house who has had a deep-seated longing for them for years. I'm not sure "Santa" knew "he" had picked the right Winter for this gift, however! ;-)

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