Friday, January 18, 2008

New Additions to the "Family!"

I returned home from a short visit with my parents on Tuesday. Mom sent this baby bromeliad with me. The parent plants were in full bloom. The leaves are streaked with red. I'm so excited!

On Friday, Jan. 11, I found a plethera of amarylis bulbs marked at $1 each. What a great surprise! I came home with 6 bulbs, five of which were only beginning to sprout. I had purchased a "half-price" bulb a few days earlier. You can see the line-up below. (Next to my cactus that sorely needs dividing and my friends' Norfolk Island Pine.)
Here are the two bulbs that have a good start. The hidden amarylis in the green pot is one I purchased before Christmas. It's stuck in "neutral."
Yesterday,while at the grocery store, I found two calla lilies that had been forced ($2 each). I brought them home. Shouldn't they get a rest before Spring? What's the advice, here?

And last, but not least, is a crazy thing I did! This next plant is a Hydrangea macrophylia-Lace Cap." Shooting Star. I purchased it because I was absolutely swept up by the blossoms... and thought the sale was a bonus! :-) This is a Zone 7 plant. Could it be a houseplant? I haven't spent much time looking for information. Could I put it outdoors in a somewhat larger pot this Spring and bring it indoors in the fall? Would it ever bloom again? Would it get too huge? Could it be trimmed? I'm thinking that would be a challenge... or is the $5 investment best enjoyed for the moment?


Muum said...

fun deals. I am surprised the hydrangea is listed as a zone 7 ?? If that is true, I think you 'd be best off to enjoy it for the moment. It is a shrub, after all. thanks for stopping by my blog !

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Lucky finds with the amaryllis! I am not sure if they calla lilies need a rest but that would be my first thought. I love bromilads, if I had the room, I would have lots of them.

Shady Gardener said...


I think you're right, so I'll enjoy it through next Fall, at least! ;-)

I'm thinking the rest is probably what the calla lilies need. Suppose I should cut the blossoms (I could at least enjoy those) and then gradually slow down on the watering?

Kylee said...

I LOVE that hydrangea!! No advice about it, though. Dave's Garden says it's hardy to zone 6. Does that help?

By the way, I saw you ask about Jack-in-the-Pulpits and where to get them. I got mine from Sunlight Gardens and they came up the next spring and one had a Jack! LOL I got Tennessee Coneflower from them too and it did very well. I had a great experience ordering from them.