Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wow! A Balmy Day in January!

It was fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit today.
Wearing a light jacket and armed with a telescoping pruning saw/bypass cutter combination, I was a woman on a mission! Look out unwanted tree branches!
This is a photo of a backyard tree trunk where I'd done a little surgery.

This is the refuse at the base of this same tree.

And this is an expanded view of the backyard with limb refuse everywhere!
I'd begun this demolition duty in the front yard, on the north side of the driveway.
I just piled the limbs onto those still lying there waiting to be hauled away.
(Remember the ice damage in December?)
It felt so good to be working outdoors! :-)

The first thing I did today had to do with
bird-pleasing. After all, Shady's Retreat
Restaurant isn't any good without beverage.
(see Garden Author)
If it's beverages they want, then beverages they'll get! ;-)


Chirping and flitting,
and fluttering about,
they all found the seed to be tasty.
Unrest was contagious;
Their thirst was outrageous.
Providing fresh water's not "wasty!"

"Okay!"replied Shady as she
plugged in the heater,
"This decision's never been hasty."

(I think that has to be the end of that!)
Or perhaps YOU have another stanza? ;-)


Carol said...

It was a nice day here, too, and sunny! But alas, I was too busy to spend time in the garden.

Love your little poem about water for the birds.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - on all that yard work (I'm jealous - my yard is all snow and ice - terrible footing, so my Linden pruning is on hold)! Congratulations, too, on a successful birdbath heater installation! They will thank you, I know.

Nice poem - here is my submission for the last stanza...

Rehydrate those birds,
Heed Shady's words,
Or those birds will be looking quite pasty.

Anonymous said...

P.S.: Thanks for the link! Also, I've been enjoying your indoor gardening endeavors - love that back-lit hibiscus rosa-sinensis! Ditto, the bird pics (especially the footprints in snow) and wildflower posting - fascinated with the prairie restoration... such a different feel from our more densely-populated New England suburbs.

Shady Gardener said...

It's always hard to be so busy that you can't get outdoors on a nice day. (Especially when you can see it out the window!) ;-)

Garden Author,
You'll have some good weather - probably when I don't. ha. Thanks for the stanza! :-)
...And this morning I'm headed out for a brisk walk with a friend.

GA - we must have been posting at the same time! ;-) I enjoy reading peoples' blogs, viewing their photos and receiving a small "portrait" of the diversity of our lives and surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Now, aren't we all athrill
Shady came to the rescue,
Heated water to remove the chill
A reward of flashing colors,
A chorus of happy notes, too.

Aunt MEA

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Make hay while the sun shines, prune trees while the temps are above freezing?

Shady Gardener said...

Hi! And it felt mighty good to get outdoors to do some work for a change! ;-) Looks like more indoors weather for awhile.

Last night Lori and I got together for another quilting session. She should be posting again. This may be our version of Indoor Gardening this winter, I think. :-)