Sunday, January 6, 2008

Some Favorites from 2008

Some gardeners have been lamenting Winter weather and already wishing for Spring. I somewhat lament the weather (fortunate that I am that I don't have to travel unless I really want or need to!), but I'm not wanting to rush this season. This is when I do "indoor things" such as sewing, quilting, drawing and a lot of obligatory activities with regard to the Iowa Reading Association.

But, today. Today is quite a different story. It's been so WARM (the current temperature is 54 degrees F)! Wow. Our many inches of snow are nearly gone, leaving the birdbaths full. ;-)
This photo was taken Jan. 3.
This photo was taken 5 minutes ago, Jan. 6.
It FEELS like Spring outdoors. So, in honor of (but not really being ready for) Spring, here are a few of my favorite photos from last Summer. These are not in any particular order.
Black Swallowtail Caterpillar on parsley, taken Oct. 2, 2007
Common Water Hyacinthh (E. crassipes) taken Oct. 4, 2007
Daylily (species unknown) with a katydid nymph, taken July 16, 2007
'David' Phlox, taken July 21, 2007
Strawberry Candy daylily, taken July 21, 2007
A Question Mark on the hummingbird feeder, taken Sept. 30, 2007
The "inside view" of the same butterfly, taken the same day.

'Lightning Strikes' Tricytrus (Toad Lily), taken October 2, 2007

Wasn't that fun? And, now I guess, I'll pull myself away from the computer and do "something constructive," like sewing some more doll dresses! ;-)


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Wow - what a gorgeous bloom on that Water Hyacinth! Can it be grown in a container? I love Toadlilies. I might have to find a place for that one.

Darby said...

I promised I would stop by and I finally had some time. Your pictures are beautiful! I especially love the caterpillar. Thanks for the good conversation at Rex and Connie's at Christmas!
Keep up the good work,
Darby(Scott's gf)

Shady Gardener said...

Mr. Mcgregor's Dtr, Hi! Doesn't that Water Hyacinth just take your breath away? My little tiny pond is just that! I'm sure you could have a little water feature container with a couple/three hyacinths. They do propagate by growing an "arm" with a baby on the end, so you will be able to share with friends. ;-)

And the toadlily blossoms are exquisite, but very small. You'll want them "up front." There are many varieties and they are easy to find in garden centers as well as catalogs.

Hi Darby! Nice surprise to have you visit! Did you check the sidebar for "Making Memories?" ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your photos - that Tricyrtus (personal favorite) is fabulous. Your visions of the growing season are just "what the doctor ordered" for an early case of spring fever. Our Massachusetts temps, today, match yours... only we have deeper snow cover, still. Well, off to the vet, with two of my "kids" for nail trimming... gotta take advantage of this all-too-brief faux spring!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I am with you Shady, I love each season, I enjoy winter for the same reason you do, I enjoy doing things inside that I don't have time to do in summer, I promised myself I was going to crazy quilt this winter but it has not happened yet, but I have made lots of candles and done some beading and I do still have that pile of garden catalogs :).

Shady Gardener said...

Garden Author, I agree this faux spring has been a nice interlude. (I even did a very LITTLE bit of leaf raking!) I really do enjoy having winter weather during winter, however.
Iowa Gardening Woman, You have some interesting sounding projects going. :-)I've not been quilting, yet, either. Hopefully Wednesday night with Lori.

MrBrownThumb said...


Very nice pics.

I don't think I've seen that butterfly before but I like the side view of the wings better than the colorful side.

Thanks for sharing your pics.

btw I owe you a reply on my amaryllis blog that I'm going to get to as soon as I play catchup.