Tuesday, March 18, 2008

About That Fencing...

I believe it was last Fall, Mr. McGregor's Daughter mentioned she was needing new fencing for her yard and was gathering ideas.

I mentioned that our local County Conservation Board had been approached by a design artist who wanted to pursue detracting attention from the chain link fence on a pedestrian bridge on one of our trails. This bridge has a very long span over a large creek.

You can see by the photos that Corten steel was added to the bridge and the abutments in shapes that suggest the surrounding trees. Corten steel is very thin and weathers immediately to the rusty color you can see here. Its advantage is that it does not "bleed" onto the surrounding structures (in this case, the bridge).

You can also see that strips of Corten steel were added to the fronts of the top and bottom parallel lateral fence rails as well as in front of the upright posts.

If you know someone that cuts metal, something similar might be done in a person's yard.
I have not researched the cost of this steel. If it's too costly, a substitute might be found to create a similar statement. I'd begin by suggesting tree branches that would be tied to the base of each post and branched out and secured to various points of the top fencing. Or cut wood. Or... ?
Isn't this quite the enhancement? You hardly noticed the chain link at all!

In fact, spray painting the fencing dark brown or green might make it seem to disappear even more. Just a thought.



Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Oh, that looks so good! I've got to draw my design for my steel. My aunt is looking for something for my uncle to do, & she sounded enthusiatic about him building my fence distractors. Thanks for posting the photos. BTW, love the header photo!

Shady Gardener said...

MMG, Thanks! I'm going to be so excited to see what your uncle comes up with!!

The Photo Header: It's my backyard! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Shady - Great new header! Love the dappled sunlight. This post was so interesting and informative... what a neat solution.

A large portion of my yard is surrounded by 4' high chain link fencing (to protect the neighbors from Lucy, the guard dog). I chose black, vinyl-coated fencing. You hardly notice it... the plants and Lily Pond are still visible from the sidewalk - and Lucy sees all, from her seat atop the garden bench.

I just went back to your '07 post about the arbor. Nice project!

Shady Gardener said...

Deb, Thanks for the comments and compliments. Re: the arbor... you know, you can never have enough projects! ;-)

Cabs said...

Now that IS creative. I too am "collecting" fence ideas. Thx for sharing this.

Gail said...


What a great idea. I have this chain link fence around part of my back yard and this would be a vast improvement.

clay and limestone

Shady Gardener said...

Carol, I was sure it was you that had written about fencing notions and ideas! But I just didn't take time to visit you before creating this post. How are you doing???

Gail, You already are so creative with your honeysuckle branches... I can imagine you will be thinking of doing something on your chain link fence! Keep me "posted!" ;-) (but really!)

Gail said...


That is a great idea! You are the crafty one!