Friday, March 14, 2008

Blotanical is quite the site!

My very first blog post is dated May 21, 2007.

I began a blog because I love to "play" on the computer. I began a gardening blog because I love to garden.
The photo below shows a portion of the raised-bed garden that I didn't get to work in until June 2007. Notice, I'm still raking! :-)
The rhubarb looks great all Spring because it's had plenty of sunshine. About mid-June is when it starts to get lanky and it really declines!

I opted to quit teaching school in the public elementary school setting 1 1/2 years ago. The thought of becoming a school teacher was a dream come true. I'd been "teaching" since I was in kindergarten! I remember bringing my friends' pictures out, laying them on the floor in rows, and "reading" to them. I'd had some wonderfully inspiring elementary teachers and just knew I that I would be one someday.

That "someday" took a round-about route, but upon achieving that goal, I was as excited and grateful as could be. My only interest in being in a classroom was... being in the classroom with a passel of students and inspiring them to learn! All about the world around them, as well as helping each "to be the best second-grader they could be!" I loved it and I have the happiest memories!

Perhaps I'm the student, now!

I've wanted to try Polemonium for a long time.
Hope he comes back this Spring!

Once the computer-era began to take root in the schools, I was hooked. I absolutely loved them for the versatility they offered. I also very much enjoyed making our classroom web pages. I used the web pages as classroom diaries, complete with photos and narrative about whatever subjects and activities in which we were currently involved.

Naturally, when I quit teaching, I looked for a way to continue this computer-web-page interest!

My husband and I moved to this home 5 years ago last October. We are now approaching our 5th Spring here. I absolutely love the fact that I've been given a completely new gardening challenge --- that of gardening with a lot of shade! That means I'm in the midst of learning about plants I never knew existed prior to our move. :-) And That's Wonderful! I also enjoy creating and designing the beds and future pathways.

And I seem to get lots of advice! ;-)
Okay! I must admit that this blog is really just a diary, as I suspect many are. I believe the first time I stumbled upon another "gardening blog" was through a Google search on a particular subject... probably the identity of a bug, fungi, plant, etc. ;-) Then I noticed the names of other blogs on a sidebar. That, folks, is how it began. I began to explore, and read, and explore some more.

YOU have it easier! Blotanical is where Gardeners that share about their gardening activities, etc. ("Blog") are gathering. Gardeners are as diverse as the number of plants in the universe and their blogs are, too. Click on the Blotanical link and have fun poking around. There are labeled tabs, one of which is "help" that give you very easy instructions for locating blogs you may be interested in reading.

Don't worry about becoming overwhelmed. Just expect to be! ;-) You also must know that you don't have to "race." Take your time, visit for a short time and as often as you can. Enjoy yourself and leave a note on people's blogs to let them know 1) you were there, and 2) you enjoyed their post of the day.

This is definitely not a shady subject! :-)


Curtis said...

Gardening in the shade. Love it! I also created my blog on the same reasons you did. I am a garden nut and I like to be on the computer.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, personal history and genesis of your blog... and the sound 'blotanical' advice.

In your second photo... is that the trunk of a shagbark hickory? Just wondering - nice added texture in the landscape.

Shady Gardener said...

Welcome Curtis, I will be over to visit. Yes, the computer seems to be my downfall, lately. I have a lot of fun, but it sure takes a lot of time out of my day! I may be just a little scarcer once the gardening weather begins in earnest! :-)

Hi, Deb! Thanks. It was a pretty long composition to read (weed?) through. ;-) Yep, it's a Shagbark Hickory. I really like them and we're fortunate to have a few in the front yard.

Crafty Gardener said...

Hi, it was nice to read your post. I too was a teacher and loved it, but now I'm working as a speech language assistant and love it even more. I'm a fanatic on the computer as well, having my own personal website, some blogs, managing some garden groups and of course being a member at Blotanical. I will be back to visit some more of your blog.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Crafty,
Thanks for your visit and comments. I'm doing some tutoring after school. It's a little way to have some one-on-one teaching and enjoy seeing the students' progress!
You have some interesting sites!

Meems said...

Enjoyed your story of how you started blogging. When I created my blog last June (at the urging of my daughter) as an outlet for my garden photos... I had NO IDEA other folks were out there. Other folks? Who Knew? Hundreds of them I've now discovered through Blotanical. It is a fun adventure and Blotanical makes it easy to learn and find other gardeners around the world. Glad I found your blog.

I also garden in the shade- only my shade is in Florida.
Meems@ HoeandShovel

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks for stopping to visit. I'm sure YOUR shade is really appreciated! :-) I've enjoyed your site.

Cinj said...

Great post. Somehow I never seem to find you on Blotanical. Maybe I just don't look hard enough???

Anyway, it seems we have quite a bit in common. I must be on the computer at least 3-4 times a day. I just have to see if any of my new cyber buds have checked in with me.

I am a teacher, but I only substitute teach right now. I thought I'd wait to get a full time job once the children were older.

My new yard is very shady, but it looks like your area's a bit warmer than mine!

Shady Gardener said...

Yes, I'm a bit further south. I waited until my children were a bit older to teach. That was my personal choice, and I was glad I did.

As far as Blotanical, you may have to look under "Shady Gardener" or "Does Everything Grow Better..." ;-)