Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Weekend!

The Crocus

The golden crocus reaches up
To catch a sunbeam in her cup.
by Walter Crane

And if you'll pardon my short reflection,
Golden's alright, but I like a collection!

On Tuesday afternoon, a beautiful day, I raked most of the leaf-mulch away from the blooming crocus and green growing "tips." On Wednesday afternoon, a cold, overcast day, I raked and return the leaf-mulch back over the plants. Today, on Thursday afternoon, a beautiful, sunny cool day, I again exposed the blooming plants (including both golden and bright purple mini-iris) and lightened the load on the green growing "tips." Great aerobic exercise, if nothing else! ha.

The gardens are "on their own" over the weekend. We'll see what happens on Monday. ;-)

Have a nice weekend!


Amy U. said...

Pretty! You know, I've thought of moving the snow away from where I know there are tulips...pretty desperate for the melting to get under way!

Playing in the Dirt

troutbirder said...

I think it is the picture at the top of this page that is helping to make me so impatient for spring to really come alive. When we built our new house in our woods and moved from our sunny garden home next door this is exactly how our want my new shady gardens among all the oak trees to look. By the way I have all of Sigurd Olson's books. He was the "guiding light" and protector of the BWCA in norther Minnesota. A place where I took my sons on wilderness canoe trips many times

Lisa said...

I hope you come home to more surprises!

Dirty Knees said...

I was hoping I'd see some spring flowers if I visited your blog, ;-) YAY!!!

Cinj said...

Lovely spring blooms.

Shady Gardener said...

Thank you, all! It was fun to see I'd had company over the weekend. :-)

Amy U, I understand your patient impatience! You are so much further north than I am. Spring is coming. (Today, it's in the form of rain.)

Troutbirder, Thanks for the compliment. I am happy with the way things are coming along, but there's probably never a time when I'll be completely finished. ha.?

My son has been on several portaging trips north of Ely, into Canada. He loves it!

Lisa, You were one of my pleasant surprises! ;-) It's raining today, so I won't be working outdoors. Probably a good thing, as I have several "projects" today.

Dirty Knees, "Yea" is right! :-)

cinj, Thanks. I'm sure you'll be getting them very soon. You, too, are north of me!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Your Crocuses are so cute!

Shady Gardener said...

These are cute little fellows, aren't they? ;-) Thanks for stopping by.

Jean Ann said...

I love the name of your blog! Just stopped by to check it out and say hello...

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks! Do you ever wonder about your neighbors? ;-) Great to have you stopping by!