Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Whoa! What's This?

Be still my beating heart!

Sorry the photo's a little blurry. My hand must have been unsteady. ha.

What do you think? This is the Only new thing sprouting, as yet.
Probably a good thing.
It's still plenty early.

But... yea! :-)
Nothin' shady about this.


Cabs said...

Oh boy! Spring is almost here!! Isn't is exciting to see these little tips peeping out of the dirt?

Elizabeth Joy said...

Congratulations on your new sprouts! They look great! But I have even more good news! I'm excited to tell you that you have won the drawing for Wildflowers in Winter. I get to make some wildflower note cards and send them to you. Could you email your postal address to me?

morninglightblogger at yahoo dot com

Elizabeth Joy

Theresa said...

Wow, signs of spring. We are ahead of you quite a bit but I have not always lived in hot country, so I remember the joy of seeing new sprouts. I am actually jealous that you have a shady garden. Everything here just burns to a crisp except roses, petunias and geraniums in the summer. My dream is a lovely woodland and shady garden with ferns and foxgloves and bleeding hearts! :o) A little sunshine would be nice for the English cottage garden section and the roses!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the first promise of spring! Surely, any blurriness is a result of trembling with joy at this hard evidence that spring may arrive on schedule, just as you snapped the picture. That's my story and you should stick to it!

Thanks for the sprouts of hope.. Deb

kate said...

These are promising signs ... they'll soon be sprouting up and leafing out. Definitely nothing shady about those!

My garden's still underneath snow!

Weed Whackin' Adventures said...

What is it???

Shady Gardener said...

I believe they're tulips, but it doesn't seem quite logical. But I think they are. I didn't plant them, and I've not been terribly concerned about that corner of the yard, yet. I've worked in so many other areas since we moved here. Also, we have a lot of those (cute) striped ground squirrels that EAT tulip bulbs! So... I'll keep my eyes on 'em! ;-)

Carol, I also saw one (1) crocus tip yesterday. YOU are seeing more Spring growth than I so far! :-)

Elizabeth Joy, I replied here yesterday (I was sure I had), but since there's no evidence, I'll reply again! I was surprised, amazed, shocked and rendered speechless (that's pretty drastic!) when I saw your comment yesterday. I'm so excited about your notecards. It was a lot of fun participating in Wildflowers in Winter. (Did you get my e-mail?) I hope you do it again!

Theresa, This shady area is really wonderful. On a hot summer's day, when you drive in this area, you can almost feel the temperature fall 10 degrees! :-) There is, however, such a thing as too much shade. We had it for a couple of years, until 2 trees became "sick" and we had to remove them. Now we have a nice amount of sunlight.

Deb, That's my story, too! ha! I actually saw a couple more in the vicinity, as well as one (1) early crocus just peeking out in another location. Still early. :-)

Kate, I know how you feel. Actually, most of my gardens are still under a Lot of leaf/mulch. I won't rake it away for another week, I think. And then I'll only rake lightly... there's lots of time for raking, yet. ;-)

Hi, Weed Whacking! I love your name. ;-) Thanks for visiting. I think they're tulips, but that surprises me... so I'll keep an eye out.

Cinj said...

Hi! You sound like an interesting person so I thought I'd drop by and check out your blog.

I wish I had things growing up here. I'm not THAT much farther north than you. All I have are a bunch of pines!

Shady Gardener said...

Interesting is probably an apt description! ;-) Thanks for stopping by. I'll head over to visit you soon. (Pines are pretty, and pines offer lots for birds during the Winter!)