Saturday, March 15, 2008

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

Here we are. It's March 15 already. Unbelievable, yet true. ;-)

Speaking of unbelievable, only two days ago there was an inkling of a tulip or two pushing their way through the soil. They happen to be in one of the 1 & 1/2 beds that aren't deep under oak leaf mulch. The rest of them will remain there, as the ground is still cold and the threat of "winter weather" is still a reality.

But, hold still while I show you what I found today!
Oh, my... is that a ... tiny crocus?
He's not very big, is he? About the size of your thumb?

Yes, I wanted to get closer to the flower, but it looks like
I may have been focusing on the fact that there are
two more little sprouts down there!

Remember those little tulip tips? They've grown a bit taller today. :-)

Here's a grape hyacinth I planted last fall.

My sister's flowering crabapple tree...

...with one little daffodil sprouting through the mulch.
I planted several here and in other places last Fall.

Even though Spring isn't officially here,
and our weather isn't very reliably "Spring-worthy" for awhile,
it's Awfully Nice to see a few signs
of an upcoming much-anticipated season!

P.S. A friend of mine and I took a very "Spring-y" walk this morning on one of our local trails. This is a former railroad bed, converted into a bicycle/hiking trail. You can see a wetland marsh on once side. We crossed two bridges, one of which spans an under-construction, 4-lane highway bypass and the other spans Cedar Creek.
While I won't be sharing the rest of the photo-walk at this time, I wanted to share a little video that, I hope, captured some of the sounds of Spring. Enjoy! :-)


Cabs said...

Yay for Spring! Soon it will all be lush and green and full of blooms!

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Carol! I was about to sign off, when I decided to take one more look around... and here you were! Yay is right! ;-) See you tomorrow.

Carol said...

What would we do without crocuses? Such little flowers, smallish leaves, but we feel like throwing big parties for them when they arrive. They are the first sign of spring in my garden, too.

Thanks for joining us for bloom day again!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Carol, MDG! You are so good. I didn't even leave you a note! :-)

GardenAuthor said...

Love the new look, new photos... just in time for spring! Did you call in a decorator, or was it a DIY project?

If we're voting for favorite posting of the day, I vote for this one. The snowy one has nice photos and poetry, but this one, complete with crocus, sprouts and birdsong gets my vote!

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks, Deb!
It was an easy DIY project. The photo is of my mostly-sunny bed in the front corner of the yard from last May or June.
Sidney wants to reply to Lucy. I MUST brush away some cobwebs around here! Perhaps I'll let him near the computer, later. ;-)

Curtis said...

I love it. Sping is springing or is it. One step forward and two steps back(hey thats a song).

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Curtis,
Well. Perhaps that's the dance of Spring? ;-)

Nan Ondra said...

You sure have to admire the strength of those little sprouts, don't you? They look so delicate, though they're anything but! I'm so glad you were able to find them to share with us. And just think of how much more there is to come, Shady!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Hey, 1 flower is better than no flowers! Usually the yellow Crocus bloom first, I wonder why?

Shady Gardener said...

MMD, I have no idea why it blooms first. But that bright yellow-gold color makes the cheeriest statement we've seen for quite some time. Doesn't it just immediately give you such a lift? Personally, I exclaimed right out loud! (No one else around, anyway... so who's to know?) ;-)

Sarah Laurence Blog said...

Funny blog name and I totally get it. My yard back in Maine is full of 100 yr old white pines. It's a challenge getting the grass to grow. Still I love it. I'm enjoying the early spring in England this years.

Shady Gardener said...

Sarah, Welcome! We can share stories about bare dirt. ;-) I love it here, too. I'll head over to see your early Spring.