Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have You Ever Grown an Azalea Indoors?

I just have to share these photos. My Walking Buddie, Susie, and I try to get a in good walk once-a-week. After last week's walk, on her farm, we returned to her home and enjoyed a cup of something yummy (hot Ovaltine) and a girl scout cookie. ;-)

Anyway, I was awestricken by the beautiful flower on her kitchen counter! Isn't this gorgeous?

I would love to try this!

Seven years ago, this coming March 29, Susie's father died. She brought this azalea home. She's re-potted it only once. In the summer, Susie sets it outdoors and brings it indoors in late Fall. They have a sunny south window in their second-floor bedroom. It's nice and cool up there and it obviously thrives with this treatment.

It blooms every March. What a wonderfully beautiful memorial. :-)


Melanie said...

How amazingly beautiful is that!

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. Yes, I do have lots of shade here, most Long island gardeners do because the lots are small and the trees are enormous! My own lot is large but the previous owners planted the most ridiculous ring of trees all around the property line and now they shade us and look ugly at the same time. But I do love my shade gardens :-)

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

What a stunning azalea! I've managed to kill two so far--outside, have never tried them inside.

Gail said...


No, I can't do anything that looks eatable to my cat! But that is a lovely colored Azalea.


garden girl said...

Your neighbor's azalea looks better than some of the ones I see outdoors around here. What a stunning color!

Shady Gardener said...

Melanie, Thanks for your visit. I'm glad to know another very "shady gardener." ;-)

WWW, I believe I'm going to intentionally purchase an azalea to eventually bring indoors this year!

Gail, Glad for your visit.

Garden Girl, I agree. Perhaps it's the TLC she gives it.

Cinj said...

Wonderful! Nothing like that would ever survive in my house though. I've got two cats that would rip it to shreds. I've got two plants inside that I have to keep closed off from them, they have killed everything else I have brought inside. Silly beasts!

Shady Gardener said...

I wonder if we were visiting each other's blogs at the same time? :-)

I've no experience with indoor cats. We had them on the farm when I was growing up. I remember loving them as a small child. Don't think I'm a "cat person," though.

Cinj said...

We've got one cat that you'd swear was a dog if you judged only by actions and character, not appearances! They're funny little critters each with their own distinct personalities.

One thing I've found that most cats have in common is the destruction of innocent plants. Whether silk or real, my cats have never been too discriminating.

Shady Gardener said...

Cats... I have no experience with them (maybe that's a good thing?) ;-)
Thanks for visiting again. I need to head your way to see your progress.

ldybug said...

great idea and a perfect specimen.